Things I’m Working on This Month: April

Last month I was pretty successful. I’ve stopped snacking so much, and I’m much more conscious of my posture. It’s not perfect, but I’m more aware of when I’m hunched over and making moves to correct myself.

I’m adding this one for another month. I didn’t do as well with this as I wanted to last month. Reading is something that I really genuinely love, and there are so many books that I want to read. I haven’t done a great job finding time for more reading, and I’m way behind on my reading goals for 2019.

I’ve been on a shopping kick lately. New workout clothes, everyday clothes, shoes, makeup, you name it. I cleaned out my closet a couple weekends ago, so I have room for my new finds, but I definitely don’t need anything else. So I’m putting myself on a shopping freeze for April.

I wanted to make this one running, but unfortunately I dropped something on my foot a week ago and there’s a bruise covering my entire foot so running might be too difficult. But I can certainly start lifting weights and maybe even get back into yoga again.

What are you working on this month?