2020 Goals: You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup

    2020 goals

    2019 was quite a year. It ended on a high note with getting married, quitting my toxic job, and finding a new job that’s a much better fit for me. But a lot of the year was spent trying to balance a job that drained me with being there for my now-husband through a tough time. I couldn’t do it all, and it left me flailing. My 2020 goals revolve around self-improvement

    It left me neglecting myself and unable to give my best self to anyone. 2019 was a year that really taught me that you can’t pour from an empty cup. For my 2020 goals, I’m focusing on more self-care and putting myself first so that I can be better in all aspects of my life.


    In the past, I go through spurts where I exercise regularly, but it’s never lasted. According to Strava, I was active 36 days in 2019, which is pretty lame. 2020 is the year that I’m finally going to stick with an exercise routine and get stronger.


    I tend to be more of a homebody, and I don’t actively reach out to work on maintaining my friendships. This year I want to focus on making an effort to see my friends more often and spend more intentional time with my husband.

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    Last year, I set a goal to read 52 books. I only read 35. This year I want to find the time to get more reading in. I set my goal at 52 books again, and I think this year I can achieve that.

    Lose Weight

    I have a number in mind, but I don’t have a goal weight so much as I want to feel more comfortable in my own skin. My clothes have been a little snug for too long, and I tend to avoid any social situations that require a bathing suit. I want to feel more confident. When even your leggings are a little snug, it’s time to do something.


    I’ve struggled with sleep for years. I wake up a lot during the night, which makes it hard to wake up when I haven’t gotten continuous sleep. I desperately need to work on improving my sleep habits.

    Intentional Shopping

    I have a tendency to shop just because. A lot. I did a no-spend challenge for the end of 2019, and I was pretty successful. I needed to buy a few new items because my new office has a business casual dress code that I didn’t have a great wardrobe for. But overall, I didn’t feel the need to shop. I want to continue 2020 shopping for only things that I need and will fit well in my current wardrobe.

    Save, Save, Save

    In 2020, we’re hoping to buy a house. And we also have a lot of travel planned for friends’ weddings. In addition to wanting to put down a good chunk of money for a downpayment and be able to travel without it feeling like it’s really straining our budget, I also want to add an additional $5,000 to my emergency savings.


    I got a yearlong Headspace subscription for Christmas, and I want to make meditation a more regular part of my routine.


    I want 2020 to be the year I flex my creative muscles a little more. I fell out of a lot of my more creative hobbies with my last job because I was so burnt out all the time. Now that I have a better life balance, I want to focus on doing more creative things from blogging to photography to drawing.

    Make Six Figures

    I read Secrets of Six-Figure Women at the end of 2019. The book is a little outdated, but the main takeaway is that women who believe they can make six figures and put in the work do. It really helped to shift my mindset, and I have some ideas up my sleeve for ways to make extra income this year and close the gap between my full-time income and six figures.

    What are your 2020 goals for the new year?

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